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HH09: Follow-Up & Post Claims Submission – Interview with Tim Rowan Copy

Ian V. Chestnut July 26, 2021

Tim Rowan Biography

Tim Rowan has been a student of home care technology since 1993. For five years he was the IT Director at Physicians Home Health Care in Colorado Springs. In 1999, he took over the reins as editor of Home Care Technology Report, which has become the industry’s most widely read journal covering technology and regulatory issues for home care providers. In this position, Tim has become the industry’s recognized technology expert. He has used that expertise to build a successful consulting practice, helping home health, home care and hospice providers make informed software vendor selections and teaching them how to use online reviews to build their businesses. He recently published his first book, “Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Home Care Business,” which is available from Amazon.

Timothy J Rowan, MA, is a nationally-known home healthcare consultant and the publisher of “Home Care Technology: The Rowan Report,” the industry’s premier technology newsletter since 1999. He has been in home health since 1993 and has been teaching home care agencies how to manage their online reputation since 2015. Tim lives in Colorado Springs with his two dogs and plays keyboard in a garage rock and roll band. He can be reached at [email protected]

[email protected]