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HH01: Day 5: Q&As with Petria!

Petria September 3, 2020
  1. What can I expect from the Study Guide?
  2. You’ve mentioned you’ve been doing this for 30+ years, what made you decide to get into this field initially?
  3. What techniques do you suggest to learn/memorize the Acronyms…there’s a lot of them?
  4. Share some words of wisdom as they complete the first week
  5. Can we do more than one module per day?
  6. Remind everyone they must make a 70% on their quiz
  7. Question #1: Who does Home Health Medicare Benefit?
  8. Question #6: A nurse must make the referral for home health care to a home health care agency and oversee the plan of care.
  9. There is some great information on here! The medicare stuff makes so much more sense now!