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Day 3: DDE – Enter a RAP

Petria September 3, 2020

DDE – Enter a RAP

Connecting with your MAC


There is no cost to the provider for registering

These are all Internet-based, provider self-service secure application. The goal is to give the provider secure and fast access to their Medicare information seamlessly via our website through these applications.  These applications provide information access over the Web for the following online services:

  • Eligibility
  • Claims Status • Claim Submissions – available for Part B and Railroad Medicare providers • Clerical Error Claim Reopening Requests – available for Part B
    • Remittances Online
    • Financial Information – payment floor and last three checks paid
    • Financial Forms – Offset requests, Check payments and CMS-838 Credit Balance form (Part A and HHH only)
    • Secure Forms – Appeals, Cost Report Form (Part A and HHH only), Medical Review ADR, PCR, Response Form, Prior Authorization Form (Part B only), and General Inquiry form
  • Delivery
  • Review

You can participate in these services only if you have a signed Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Enrollment Agreement on file with your MAC and have payment amounts on file.