• Maria Angela Gundy

    July 9, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    Hi Petria,

    I have a question on this weeks quiz.. on question number it asked anout

    The HHA can submit a Request for Anticipated Payment, or RAP, to Medicare when all of the four following conditions are met.

    • After the OASIS assessment is complete, locked or export ready, or there is an agency-wide internal policy establishing the OASIS data is finalized for transmission to the national assessment system;
    • Once a physician’s verbal orders for home care have been received and documented;
    • A plan of care has been established and sent to the physician; and
    • The first service visit under that plan has been delivered.

    The answers on the quiz did not allow me to select them all, or it did not have an option for all of the above. I marked 1 of the correct answers and i still got it wrong.