• Jennifer Dizon-Martinez

    May 14, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    I understand, I do have another questions sorry for such a long list.

    1. I know on the first module it talks about Medicare Part A that covers Home Health service, but when you check Medicare Part B its also eligible for Home Health service any thoughts on this?

    2. What will happen if the OASIS follow-up was created in the middle of the 1st 30days? with new diagnosis. Do we have to update our RAP?

    3. Remittance/EFT question, given the way Medicare account the payments is quit confusing, specially with 328 and 329 being together. Do Medicare only account patients inside the remittance? no such thing as recoupment with a
    different patient like other private insurance does?

    4. Is their a website that teaches how to read the remittance advice for NGS region?