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  • Sandhya K

    November 12, 2020 at 9:54 am

    Thank you Petria. My other queries are below.

    1. Can 2 HHAs be associated
    with 1 patient simultaneously? Or only 1 HHA will be able to cater to all
    patient needs who is home bound?

    2. Is there a Sandbox
    environment for DDE where we could practice? If not, is there a
    possibility for you to help me with screen prints without PHI in it,
    similar to the way you have shown in the training.

    3. Apart from Feds and
    MAPs, will HHAs bill Workcomp as well as Auto for their services. If yes,
    do the guidelines remain the same such as OASIS/RAP/Orders etc?

    4. What are the Key Parameters
    to assess the health of a HHA from a billing stand point. Ex: Like we have
    MGMA standards for Physicians.