• Oma

    June 4, 2020 at 10:40 pm

    Had a few issues with Quiz 2. On the question related to the ” what information should a home health use before care is provided to the pt?” The only correct answer was OASIS, however wouldn’t doctors orders be required before even the SOC is done and wouldn’t patient information also be petinent in collection for OASIS?

    Also there was a question related to the substantial change in care and adjustment in payment (mentioned 73/74, which honestly I don’t recall being covered at all), wasn’t the SCIC payment done away with?

    And in relation to the LUPA payment, under PDGM would the numbers remain the same? I have seen some LUPA thresholds as high as 6 for some institutional SOC and as low as 1. Are we still to follow the previous definition of LUPA? ( I believe the question asked how many visits would constiture a LUPA)

    Thank You,